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On Track Safaris


Wildlife conservationists Will and Carol Fox formed On Track Safaris in 2007 to provide a different style of African safari.

We understand that twenty first century safari guests want more than just viewing animals and luxurious safari lodges. Of-course our safaris offer all that is expected from a safari (great game viewing, luxurious accommodation, high quality food and drink and of-course personal service). But modern safaris need to offer much more. We throw aside outdated tourist rhetoric and enable safari guests to gain a real insiders understanding of the African bush, wildlife and conservation, without compromising on quality.

We formed On Track Safaris to help to raise funds for our work in conservation, which was recognized when we gained Silver in World Responsible Travel Awards for Wildlife Conservation in 2014.

On Track Safaris is an owner-managed company and all our safari staff are experienced wildlife conservationists and animal behavior specialists.  This means that we can bring guests inside our world of wildlife conservation and bush savvy.

There are many elements that make our safaris different, but as an example:

We have developed a simple and fun exercise that quickly hones our guests bush senses during their first day in Africa. It aims to blow away the cobwebs that are often dulled by modern living. Meaning that guests gain that much more from their safari. Note: With many other safaris, it is those senses that only become heightened as they leave for home.

In a fun way we encourage our guests to use all their senses when in the bush. Not just sight, but also smell, hearing and touch. So they can then understand what a Leopard track looks like and how to use that to track big cats, or what the bark (heard during the night) means and how to use that to locate a leopard, or what that smell of popcorn means when passing a bush (female leopard in oestrous).

And even more, we provide opportunities for guests to be involved with our work in conservation and particularly with Leopards. Meet and be involved with conservationists, help to set trail cameras to monitor the nightly happenings, or just simply take time to sit viewing and Elephant understanding its behaviour and the heard dynamics. 

We  prefer small groups of less then six persons.  This means that we can offer a personal service and flexibility to cater for any specific requirements and needs that guests may have.

We know how important it is for guests to be able to plan their safari costs and avoid any hidden extras. Quite simply, we don't believe in hidden extras, we provide an all-inclusive price and any small additions to that one off price are clearly shown on their itinerary. 

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Will Fox