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Steve Davey- Photography Masterclasses

Whether you are an experienced Photographer or you just love to snap special holiday moments, Steve Davey is on hand in his Photography Masterclasses to give anyone and everyone top tips, insights and helpful ideas on how to enhance and improve your Photography skills.... 

Whether you are aiming to print your pictures to cover your walls, or impress your friends with your Instagram feed, we all would like to take better photographs – especially on those 'once in a lifetime' trips overseas. Yet too many times the emotion that we feel is disappointment rather than pride, as our pictures never manage to convey any of the magic of our destination.


This is the main reason why we set up the travel photography masterclasses at the Destinations Shows in both Manchester and London – quite simply to help people to take more pictures that they can be proud of.


Travel photography for me though is about more than the technical aspects: the single best thing that you can do to improve your travel photography is to teach yourself how to see and compose your pictures. Photography is a primarily a creative pursuit, and much of what we cover will be aimed at travelling and creativity.


That being said, there are some technical issues that you will need to master. Camera manuals, and many books about photography will slavish list every single function that the manufacturer has crammed into your camera. This can be bewildering – and not very helpful. I would estimate that you will need to use less than half of your camera's functions to get great pictures. Once you have more experience and know bit more about the technical side of photography, then I reckon that you will only use less than a quarter! The key is to learning what the useful functions are, and this is what we will cover in these Masterclasses.


Most of our Masterclasses are not technical at all. Telling Stories with Composition, Shooting Travel Portraits and Capturing a Sense of Place  all concentrate on the creative and practical aspects of photography, and will be of use for anyone, irrespective of the camera they use - although we do include a few camera tips that you will need to know!


Introduction to Photography blends these creative and practical tips with a simple look at some of the principles behind digital photography and gives you a number of simple techniques that will help you to make great progress with your images.


The Advanced DSLR and Mirrorless Techniques Masterclass does get pretty technical, but then you probably could have guessed that from the title! This workshop looks at how to improve the sharpness of your pictures, white balance, exposures and shooting and simple processing of the RAW format. Again though, we approach things from a problem solving angle, teaching you what you need to do to improve your technique, and not wallowing in interminable lists of camera features.


The format of the Masterclasses involves an talk, showing many images from my years on the road, that illustrate various points that we are covering, followed by an optional picture review where you are able to submit a couple of images for comment and any pointers for the future. We finish with time for questions. As there is a lot to remember, I also email out some notes at the end of the session.


Although we cover a lot of ground on these workshops, I try to keep things light and humorous, and also inspirational to try to encourage people to get out and photograph more – whether in some far flung corner of the world, or closer to home.


As anyone who has travelled on one of my photography tours will attest, I am a great believer that travelling with a camera should open more doors for you and enhance your enjoyment and experience of your travels. It can sometimes be tiring, but being a photographer is a great motivator, to see a sunrise, climb a mountain, explore atmospheric backstreets and crucially approach and engage with more people than anyone travelling without a camera. This is the spirit in which I approach photography and approach these workshops and I hope that I can inspire you to do the same!


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