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Balkan Natural Adventure - Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo 

Recently featured in Financial Times, The Guardian, Singapore’s The Strait Times, and Italy’s Il Sole 24 Ore, Balkan Natural Adventure has earned five-star ratings from TripAdvisor with more than 120 reviews in 10 different languages. 

Holding B2B agreements with tour and travel companies based in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, and Serbia, Balkan Natural Adventure offers a variety of outdoor adventure experiences for discerning travelers from around the globe.

Established in 2015 by local Kosovo adventure guide Nol Krasniqi and Swiss-Kosovar international marketing executive Virtyt Gacaferri, BN Adventure offers an in-depth experience of the Peaks of the Balkans with the aid of highly trained local guides. 

BN Adventure co-founder Gacaferri is a former journalist who reported for local and international media during the Kosovo War and also assisted reporters from The Washington Post, BBC, Christian Science Monitor, and Wall Street Journal. As Kosovo worked for and ultimately attained its independence, Gacaferri turned his attention to promoting adventure tourism in the Balkans.

Co-founder Nol Krasniqi studied business and border management at University Fama in Prishtina. he is an active member of the Kosovo climbing team, and led three major projects in construction of Via Ferrata in Kosovo, and he has been one of the first certified guides for Peaks of the Balkans tours. He has spent his life in the mountains and started as an adventure guide at 18 years old. 

Together Gacaferri and Krasniqi offer unique outdoor and cultural experiences for travelers from around the world. Dedicated to customized travel experiences for intrepid tourists, the duo offers guided treks through the Accursed Mountains and other unique destinations in the Balkans. The company that has grown with more than 15 guides engaged in the season offers both adventure as well as cultural adventures in Montenegro, Albania Kosovo and Macedonia.