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We are a registered charity and our objective is to promote sustainable economic growth and empowerment in socially and economically disadvantaged communities. We aim to achieve this by providing grants to assist in the development and growth of community projects which promote education or sport, or nurture traditional arts and crafts or music. Following the principle of not just giving a man a fish but instead teaching him how to fish, training is a key part of our projects, and, for many of our projects, the development of sustainable tourism at a local community level is a part of our overall aim of helping to change lives.
We are supporting the following projects around the world: read more here https://thederekmoorefoundation.org/projects/
1) Nepal - Supplying funds for LED Solar Lights in small communities 
2) Guatemala - Supplying funds for medical equipment for mid-wives 
3) Thailand - Supplying funds for solar lights for the community centre
4) Sri Lanka  - Supplying computers and training to local villages