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The passion for travel and discovery at Footprint has been reflected in guidebooks dating back to the first edition of the South American Handbook in 1924. Our annually updated guidebook to South America, now in its 93rd edition, is the longest established travel guide in the English language.

From the first edition of our first book in 1924 to the books that we publish today, one thing has remained consistent: every guide is expertly written by authors with first hand knowledge of the areas they write about, enabling us to create titles which are rich in cultural and historical content and which offer a level of detail simply not offered by other guidebooks. Footprint guides are written for independent travellers looking to get off the beaten track and escape the tourist crowds. We are passionate about helping travellers gain a refreshingly different view of the world and making their experience as positive as possible. 

Footprint specialise in travel guides covering Latin America & the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Africa.