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Adventure Travel in Iraq

Hinterland Travel is a specialist adventure holiday and travel company, founded on over 40 years of overland adventure travel experience by Geoff Hann, its owner and managing director. We provide tours in the Middle East, notably Iraq and Kurdistan Iraq (Mesopotamia and Kurdistan)

On our adventures we want our groups to get the cultural feel for the areas that we visit and also see the ancient ruins and sites along with the mountains and deserts. Also in such areas as Iraq these days, safety on our adventures has become a major priority.

We have added the Royal tombs of the brief monarchy of Iraq in Baghdad and now the Ziggurat of Agargouf and the Minaret of Samarra and and adjacent Royal palace are back on our schedules. As this coming year progresses we hope to add an extra day or two in the north to revisit Assyrian sites and the Christian monasteries.

The newish and comprehensive edition of 'Iraq The ancient sites and Iraqi Kurdistan' written by Geoff Hann and Tina Townsend-Greaves is published by Bradts Travel guides in UK and is available from them and Amazon.