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Sometimes the best discoveries are right under your nose...welcome to the Isle of Man.

With a sense of adventure combined with a desire to unravel mystery, discover what lies under the misty cloak that surrounds this British Isle nestled between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which as legend would have it only exists thanks to a giant who threw a chunk of Ireland at the Scottish - it missed and landed in the Irish Sea forming 'Mann'.

So stand upon this legendary place, packed full of fascinating heritage and folklore and listen to the captivating stories this seabound kingdom has to tell. See the epic sky above as you explore the Island from dusk to dawn and ride the epic waves that surround us as you experience a true adventure playground. Ride our mechanical wonders and marvel at the Island as you view it from a unique perspective.

Close your eyes and listen for the enchanting echoes of the calling seals and other wondrous wildlife that call our Island home. Breathe in slowly and deeply, feel the invogorating sensation of inhaling fresh salty air, combined with the scent of earthy heather. As you reach out to touch the natural environment, you can almost taste the local produce that's being crafted in traditional artisan practice, ready to be served.

A certain magnetism draws visitors to the Isle of Man...is this the year we can entice you?