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Listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO since 1995, the Cultural Landscape of Sintra is a gem set between the mountain and the sea, waiting to be discovered by those who dare to lose themselves in the majesty of its historical heritage, the exuberance of its nature, the sophistication of its cultural offer, its vast gastronomy and the numerous activities provided.

This is truly a town rich in monuments, where architectural landmarks emerge from the luxuriant nature that frames them, inviting us on a journey through time.

The mountain in which castles and palaces coexist in harmony with nature, prolongs itself into the ocean and towards the horizon. It is set in a Natural Park of approximately 15 thousand hectares (58 sq. miles) with lush vegetation and a coast with beaches as far as the eye can see, which add to the uniqueness of the Sintra experience.

A trip to the charismatic Cabo da Roca is imperative. For geographers, this cape is the westernmost point of Europe. For poets, here is where the land comes to an end and the sea begins. The coastal profile also hides truly astonishing bays, to the delight of all those who can resist an invigorating swim or are bold enough to tackle the deep blue while balancing upon a board.

To reach the coast, the centennial Tram is one of the most favoured options. The Sintra Tram line still uses its original track between Sintra and the Atlantic (Praia das Maçãs), connecting the mountain with the sea.

The gastronomic heritage of Sintra equals that of the monuments and landscapes in richness and diversity. From the suckling pig of Negrais, to the fresh fish and shellfish from the coast, it is possible to indulge on multiple pleasures, preferably accompanied by the centuries old wine from the Demarcated Region of Colares. «Queijadas», «travesseiros» and «fofos» from Belas add sweetness to this itinerary of flavours and textures.

The very best in the world can be found in Sintra. Come visit us and immerse yourself in its uniqueness. We'll be waiting for you.