Tokyo Okinawa Travel The Happy Route

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Tokyo is the city with both Japanese tradition and modern technology & Okinawa is the place where you can find beautiful nature and different culture from other regions in Japan.
Would you like to see the attractions of two completely different parts of Japan?
The world-famous Tokyo Metropolis always creates new styles with the mixture of tradition and innovation & is promising you to have numerous of delightful experiences under the slogan of “Tokyo Tokyo Old Meets New”.
On the other hand, Okinawa is the southernmost part of Japan that provides beautiful scenery from all Okinawa islands and offers a unique culture that you can only find in this region.
“TOKYO OKINAWA TRAVEL THE HAPPY ROUTE” booth offers you the ways to enjoy of not only discovering the new fascination of Tokyo Metropolitan City, but also how to spend tranquil time and relax in rich nature in Okinawa.
We are looking forward to seeing you in our booth!