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Inspired by Bhutan’s unique policy of “high value, low impact” tourism, Bhutan Green Travel (BGT) was founded in 2011. It is a privately owned company that prides itself in providing out-of-the-ordinary experiences and off-the-beaten-track holidays. In our nine years of operation we have specialised in tailor-made holidays for independent and small group travellers from around the world.

Whether it’s discovering Bhutan’s most iconic sight of Tiger’s Nest monastery or life-changing experience that inspires, from trekking in the wilderness to travelling to seldom visited places, we will happily design an itinerary to suit your interest and budget. We focus on crafting an itinerary that will help you enjoy Bhutan’s authenticity, remoteness, natural environment and its age-old cultural heritage.

Our team is our strength. Our guides and staff are fluent in English. They have been carefully selected for their expert knowledge and experiences to help you discover Bhutan and make every day of your holiday a special moment. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable, our team is dedicated to ensuring you enjoy your journey to the fullest. When you choose to travel with BGT, your holiday starts right away. We take care of all requirements, carefully planning each itinerary leaving nothing to chance.

BGT is built on the philosophy of offering high quality trips for discerning travellers, looking for authentic experiences. Our exotic itineraries include colourful festivals, trekking, hiking, walking, birding, and photography, all of which have been improved over the years through customer feedback. Whatever you are interested in, BGT offers the best value for your interest.

We deal with small groups. Therefore, we are able to provide personalised service and support. This further allows for greater flexibility with bookings and travel arrangements. 

You may speak to any of our team members and we will be delighted to provide you with detailed information on the itinerary best suited for you. Alternatively, we can arrange tailor-made tours where you plan your own itinerary!

We invite you to discover Bhutan which, today, is one of the most exclusive and sought-after travel destinations in the world with us!