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The Lithuanian Baltic Seacoast is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in all of the Europe. White sand beaches are followed by dunes, while fresh pinewoods separate beaches from settelments. It is on our country's coast that the Baltic Sea washes ashore the most beautiful amber in the world. The sea resorts of Lithuania themselves can be compared to an amber necklace, where every town or settlement, just like the "sun stone" itself, has its own characteristic glow.

Klaipėda is the country's sea gateway - it is the largest centre of industry and culture in western Lithuania. It is also one of the most rapidly developing cities in the country. During the warmer months, Palanga becomes the summer capital of Lithuania - its pedestrian walkways, beaches, restaurants, bars, and clubs are alive with a variety of entertainment and cultural events. When it is cold outside, the seaside resort in the pinewoods is an excellent place for conferences, seminars, or much deserved relaxation in the warmth of the health SPA.

The Curonian Spit has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site - a real miracle created by sand, wind and people between two bodies of water. It includes an impressive panorama of dunes - white volant sand beauties playing with wind; the still, Grey (Dead) Dunes that once covered over several villages; and green, sandy hills overgrown with old woods. Romantic settlements that have preserved a traditional fishermen's architectural style harmoniously match the surrounding nature.

The eastern coasts of the Curonian lagoon are completely different. The fishing delta of the Nemunas fascinates visitors with the beauty of its lush wild nature, fauna, and abudance of birds. The old fishing villages - Rusnė, Mingė, Kintai and Dreverna - smell freshly smoked fish. The Ventės ragas lighthouse looks like a beacon for migrating birds; its seems to welcome the winged travellers to the nearby bird ringing station - on of the oldest in Europe.

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