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18 Mar 2023

Food Tourism in Pakistan with Xperience Pakistan

Xperience Pakistan Stand: AP31

A special thanks to Gordon Gronbach, who shot and edited the video for me. If you like his work, you can contact him on & he would be happy to assist you with any freelance work you would like developed. Discover Pakistan, it's #history, #culture & #people through #food. Food brings people #together in incredible ways, in 2019 on a holiday to Pakistan, I discovered the diverse flavours on offer in #Pakistan & the difference between cuisines eaten in the Northern mountainous regions of Pakistan such as #hunzavalley to the more Southern Cities & provinces like #lahore & #karachi. This video is made up of two parts, the first part of the video tells you about what to expect on our #food tours for all #foodie lovers who like to discover authentic flavours when on holiday. It gives you an overview of what our food tours entail, telling you about the places we cover & how we ensure we are socially responsible, helping the local economy but particularly empowering local women. The tour has 3 options, 1. Short option for 10 days which covers #Rawalpindi, #Lahore, #Peshawar, #Swat & #Islamabad 2. Northern extended version for the summer months, where you can add 7 days to this tour which covers #Hunza, #Naran & #Gilgit 3. Southern extended version for the winter months which include #Multan & #Karachi To really get a sense of the great food offering & get your juices flowing, I would recommend you watch videos created by @MarkWiens who travelled around Pakistan extensively & brought to life the variety of cuisines on offer. This video just explains to you what our tour entails. Experiential highlights of the tours are a visit to the famous restaurant The Poet, which is food experience & Go Flour, which is cafe committed to empowering women, both in Lahore. Authentic highlights are the home experiences with the home chefs in Islamabad & Peshawar.