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Malawi People & Culture

Malawi Tourism Stand: AF85

‘The Warm Heart of Africa’ is not just a marketing slogan, it’s a reality. Malawians are the most friendly people you could meet anywhere in the world. A warm, welcoming and safe nation, locals love to share their communities with visitors; and cultural experiences here are genuine and true to life. Even in the context of Malawi’s great natural riches and attractions, its people are its greatest asset. Every visitor is met with a smile and the warmth of the welcome is genuine and long-lasting.

With a population of over 17 million, Malawi is one of the more densely peopled countries in Africa. Most live in traditional rural villages that give visitors a wonderful opportunity to have a glimpse of real Africa – daily life as it is in real villages in the heart of the continent. The majority of Malawi’s tourist lodges have strong links to their local communities and can easily arrange visits to villages who are pleased to welcome in respectful visitors and proud to show them round.

Although Malawi cultural experiences are primarily about interacting with local people, there are also a number of sites of historical (ancient and colonial) interest to visit, and a few traditional dances and ceremonies that can be seen. Malawi’s modern festival and music scene is also fast expanding, with events throughout the year. The best known is the renowned Lake of Stars Festival, with artists and festival-goers travelling from every continent!