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Visit Malawi

Malawi Tourism Stand: AF64

Welcome to Malawi! Described as the ‘Warm Heart Of Africa’, this relatively little known gem has so much to offer: Wildlife, Culture, Landscape and, of course, Lake Malawi - the third largest in Africa.

A year-round destination and relatively small, it is the combination of attractions and experiences Malawi has to offer in such a compact area that makes it so special, and one of Africa’s most complete destinations.

The friendliness of the Malawians is renowned, which makes the cultural experiences second to none – opportunities to be warmly welcomed into real villages, interact with local people and discover what daily life is like in Africa.

Malawi has beautiful and varied scenery that seems to change round every bend. It is home to high mountains, vast high plateaux with limitless views, indigenous forests, rivers both energetic and serene, towering escarpments and wide open plains. Trekking, mountain biking and even horse riding are available for those wishing to explore these amazing landscapes.

For wildlife, the Big 5 are all to be found, but the excitement of safaris in Malawi comes from the thrill of discovering animals in unspoilt wilderness areas, with few other, if any, visitors alongside. Safaris by 4x4, by boat and on foot are all on offer.

Lake Malawi has vast, shimmering, crystal clear- waters fringed by beaches of golden sand. But this is also a real-life aquarium, teaming tropical fish and its shore dotted with fascinating fishing villages. From kayaking and sailing to snorkelling and scuba diving, there is a wide range of activities. Or, just relax on a deserted beach!

Malawi’s tourist infrastructure is good – lodges are mostly small scale and spread out but there is high quality accommodation wherever its needed. Malawi is exceptionally family-friendly with so much to keep everyone interested. It also benefits from a lovely climate of largely warm, sunny days with its range of altitudes offering variation when needed.

Despite having all that Africa has to offer in one compact, welcoming and easy to explore destination, remarkably, Malawi remains untouched and unspoilt by mass tourism. This is still real Africa where you will hardly see another visitor - allowing you to fully explore and enjoy all of its riches in Wildlife, Culture, Landscape and Lake.