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Achieve the Impossible: Pro Techniques for Travel Photography Techniques

02 Feb 2023
Achieve the Impossible: Pro Techniques for Travel Photography Techniques

Have you wondered how professional travel photographers manage to get great pictures when you don't? Have you wondered why many professional photographers will still carry a tripod, even though they aren't shooting in low light? There are times when any camera simply won't be able to capture the scene in front of you in a single picture, and your pictures will be lacklustre and disappointing. Yet professional travel photographers always seem to know how to get a great shot, irrespective of the conditions. This might be dealing with excessive contrast, combatting limited depth of field, or even removing people from your pictures the quick and easy way! It might just be how professional photographers will approach a relatively mundane subject in a creative way to create an image that will stun and impress.

This intriguing masterclass will divulge some of the secret techniques that are employed by many travel photographers to make sure that they come back with stunning pictures - even in the most challenging conditions. Most of these techniques are inherently simple, and once you know the secrets, they really aren't difficult, but they will be techniques that you will be able to employ in a wide range of situations in the future. This might be on your next extensive travel, or simply photographing in your garden at home. Many of these techniques will also need special post-processing techniques which will also be covered in an easy to follow, step by step format.

This Masterclass will be accompanied by comprehensive notes, for you to follow in the future. On this unique and revealing masterclass, you will learn:

  • Professional techniques for dealing with depth of field and contrast
  • A straightforward way to remove people from your pictures
  • Selecting and correct use of a tripod
  • Post processing you pictures to complete the techniques

For mirrorless, DSLR

Steve Davey, Photographer, Writer