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Mastering Composition for Standout Pictures

05 Feb 2023
Mastering Composition for Standout Pictures

It might be that you want to get more likes online, or just impress your family and friends, but if your pictures don't have something special then they simply won't stand out from the hordes of images that we encounter every day of our lives.

This entertaining masterclass will show you how you can use your creativity to make your pictures reach out to and engage with the person looking at them. More than just teaching you how to see pictures, it will teach you how to create pictures from the things that you want to photograph. You will learn how to move around a subject to include different elements and how to combine them to tell a story with a single image. You will also learn how to master the accepted composition rules to make your pictures more visually balanced and pleasing, and when to break them.

As well as being an art form, photography is a means of communication. Being able to see pictures and capture your vision with your camera is one of the greatest skills you can develop as a photographer. Largely independent of your what camera you use, this masterclass will look at how to previsualise your pictures and then proceed to tell a story in a single image. You will learn the compositional techniques and tools that you can use to make your pictures more effective at communication and visually complex. You will learn ways to see potential pictures in the first place, and then how to exploit the characteristics of your camera to capture them in a visually interesting way.

This Masterclass will be accompanied by comprehensive notes. On this workshop you will get a number of real world hints and tips from a working professional photographer, and you will learn:

  • How to see pictures and work out what you want to photograph
  • Creating pictures by exploiting viewpoint, angle and lens choice
  • How to tell a story in a single image
  • How to take more visually balanced pictures by understanding rules of composition

For smartphone, compact, mirrorless, DSLR

Steve Davey, Photographer, Writer