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Travel Photography for Beginners

05 Feb 2023
Travel Photography for Beginners
Whether you are new to travel photography, or simply haven't progressed beyond taking the odd snapshot, then this introductory masterclass will gently take you through many of the things that you need to know to start your photographic journey.

Camera manufacturers try to sell you on the myth that all you need to do to take great pictures is to buy their camera. Yet even the most sophisticated camera will need human interaction: sometimes to override automatic functions, other times to point the camera at the right things in the first place!
This masterclass will introduce you to the basic concepts of photography and how you can achieve better pictures, irrespective of your camera or level of experience. You will learn how to travel as a photographer, and when is the best time to take pictures. We will simply outline some of the reasons why your pictures go wrong, and how you can get the most out of your camera and the modes it offers.

The masterclass is meant for those with any camera, whether a smartphone, compact camera, a mirrorless camera or an entry level DSLR used on automatic. It will teach you how to improve your pictures without getting overly technical, but will touch on some of the technical basics. It will encompass improving exposures and colour balance, using picture scene modes, camera use and simple composition.

This Masterclass will be accompanied by comprehensive notes, and you will have the chance to submit a couple of images for a picture review as part of the session.

Things that we will cover include:
- How to seek out pictures and travel like a photographer
- How to see pictures and simple composition
- Technical basics and when to over-ride your camera
- Simple post-processing to improve your pictures

For Smartphone Compact  Mirrorless  DSLR
Steve Davey, Photographer, Writer