Directing Movement In To The Frame

Directing Movement In To The Frame
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Professional photographer and host of our Travel Photography Masterclasses, Steve Davey shares how he captured this fantastic image of a polar bear with its prey.

Although I am a great believer in breaking the rules, wherever possible, there are some rules which are simply worth following.

One of these is that you should always try to direct any movement into, and not out of the frame. This will make your pictures look more balanced.

This includes trying to make sure that any gaze (from people or animals) is directed into the frame. This is a simple matter of making sure that anything faces into the frame, so there is more space in front of them than behind.

It is a great habit to get into! To make sure that your camera knows what you want it to focus on, move the active focus sensor so that it is over the subject of the picture. This will keep it sharp, as well as helping to avoid the subject creeping back to the centre of the frame!


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