Getting The Most Out Of Abode Lightroom

Getting The Most Out Of Abode Lightroom image

Adobe Lightroom is not just the perfect software for storing and RAW processing your pictures. You can use it to distribute them to various online sites too. Photographer Steve Davey shares some insights in to getting the most from Abode Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom can be your ultimate companion in achieving brilliant travel photography. But it also can make you more efficient in sharing your snaps onto various platforms. 

The comprehensive Publish Services section allows you to manage your images on a wealth of picture sharing sites.

Out of the box, you can use if for Flickr, Facebook, Google and Adobe Behance. You can also download plug-ins that allow you to send pictures to professional sites such as Smugmug, Photoshelter and Zenfolio. The advantage is that these are not simple upload services: depending on the provider you can create galleries and collections, move images around and upload images.

You can choose the size, format and even whether the images will have watermarks on them.

Crucially if you edit the image or the metadata then you are able to upload a new image, or simply a corrected caption.

This means that you can streamline your workflow, never loose track of an image and always make sure that you are showing off the the latest version of your images; wherever you have published them!


Steve Davey  is a photographer and writer, whose work has appeared all over the World. He is the author of Footprint Travel Photography - the leading guide to travelling with a camera. More information on