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Stanfords Presents: Stuart Maconie, The Full English

14 Jan 2024
Stanfords Presents: Stuart Maconie, The Full English

Stuart Maconie is one of the keenest observers of English identity. Who better to take the temperature of the nation at this uncertain waymark on our national journey? He joins Andrew Dickens for a journey round Britain, talking about his latest book, The Full English, whilst cooking up a Full English dish. 

The Full English Breakfast began in the 14th or 15th century with wealthy Aristocrats using it as a way of showing their immense wealth by offering their guests a staggering array of breakfast fayre. Later, middle, and upper-class Victorians honed the tradition into an art form. The Edwardians then began the process of standardising the ingredients, which all British Society has enjoyed ever since.

Andrew Dickens, Presenter
Stuart Maconie, Writer, Broadcaster and Journalist
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