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Stanfords Presents: Nick Butter, Running Britain

13 Jan 2024
Stanfords Presents: Nick Butter, Running Britain

In the spring of 2021, as the UK's latest pandemic lockdowns were lifted, Nick Butter set out from the Eden Project to become the fastest person to cover every mile of Britain's mainland coastline on foot. Battling the most extreme winds Britain had seen in 100 years, days of torrential rain and the unrelenting hills of Western Scotland and Cornwall, Nick suffered two broken bones and countless injuries, whilst taking on two marathons a day, every day, for 100 days.

He talks to Andrew Dickens about his experiences, and what drove him on whilst they cook up his favourite Greek dish Gyro.

Gyro first arrived in Greece in the 1920’s and consisted of skewered meats cooked over fire served in a pita wrap or flatbread with tomatoes, red onions, and herbs like parsley, sometimes lettuce, and in more recent times Greek yogurt or tzatziki, and even a few fried potatoes! The meats and marinades can vary, and modern-day versions can also include fish and grilled cheese.

Andrew Dickens, Presenter
Nick Butter, Runner, Adventurer and Motivational Speaker
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