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Jan Bryde

Jan Bryde

Director of Expedition Operations, Swan Hellenic

Jan Bryde was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1966. He spent his childhood in Spain and returned to Germany to finish his studies and to become a professional travel agent. Since 1993 he worked as Excursion Manager, Cruise Director and Expedition Leader aboard ocean liners, river cruises and Expedition Voyages.

While this time he travelled to more than 125 countries, not only to the classical cruise destinations, but also to remote places beyond the touristic paths. Jan travelled 100+ times on the European Waterways on Rhine, Main and Danube. He led river cruises in Russia from St. Petersburg to Moscow and Rostov/Don, Ocean Cruises in Europe from Norway, the Baltic to the Mediterranean, cruised up the St. Lorenz into the Great Lakes, visited the Amazon and the Orinoco Rivers, circumnavigated Spitsbergen, explored Kamchatka, Chukotka, the Bering Sea from the Kuril Islands up to Wrangell Island in the Chukchi Sea and crossed the North-West Passage visiting Ellesmere Island and Greenland.

Expeditions also led him to Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific from Fiji to Easter Island. He led more than 80 voyages to Antarctica, including a Semi Circumnavigation from New Zealand, the Ross Sea to the Antarctic Peninsula and 30+ voyages to the High Arctic. Jan holds the World record leading 33 Expeditions to 90° N – The Geographic North Pole aboard Russian Icebreakers. Since 2010 Jan has been actively involved in structuring expedition cruise operator start-ups, representation on travel and travel shows as well as developing sales & marketing activities. He has a profound and well established, worldwide network of tour operators, travel agents and DMCs.