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Saadia Baber

Saadia Baber

Founder, Xperience Pakistan

Saadia is a native from Pakistan, who's lived both in the UK and Pakistan. She has 20 years of experience in marketing & consumer trends, working on brands like Diet Coke, Fanta, Elizabeth Arden and advising clients like John Lewis, Clarks, P&G to name but a few. From a young age, Saadia and her family would travel to the Northern areas of Pakistan with the extended family to escape the heat. Whilst there they would often chat amongst themselves, talking about Pakistan being a hidden gem, which no one knew about and what great potential existed for tourism in Pakistan, it just needed to be marketed. 

In her MBA graduation speech to fellow students, she said that at some point in her life, she’d like to be able to do something to give something back to Pakistan & create a platform to empower women. So in 2018 using all the marketing and consumer trend experience she had gathered working on brands & luxury retailers like Harrods & Fortnum & Masons, she set up Xperience Pakistan to spearhead the marketing of Pakistan, creating holiday experiences that were socially responsible & culturally uplifting, enabling the overseas market to truly enjoy a local experience benefitting the local communities, men and women.

Her passion is to enable her guests from overseas to interact with the local people to experience their warmth and hospitality and her ambition is for everyone who visits Pakistan to come back as brand ambassadors of Pakistan.