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Simon Calder

Simon Calder

Travel Journalist & Broadcaster

Simon Calder is Britain's leading travel commentator and is known as “the man who pays his way” which means that he pays for his own travel. 

He began his career at Gatwick airport, where he cleaned out planes for Sir Freddie Laker and, later, frisked passengers (for a job, that is; not a hobby).

He then started to write travel guidebooks and travel articles.  Today Simon is Travel Correspondent for The  Independent. Simon also writes for the Evening Standard, the i newspaper, National Geographic as well many other publications.   

Simon is a regular guest on national TV and radio, often seen on BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain, This Morning, CNN, ITV News, Channel 5 and Sky News. Plus BBC Radio 2, 4, 5, LBC, Times and Talk. 

He is frequently interviewed on national and local BBC radio.    

Simon has a new travel podcast called You Should Have Been There.  And has many followers on Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube.