Chris Bonington’s Antarctic Firsts with Aurora Expeditions

Friday, January 31, 2020 - 13:45 to 14:30
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Chris Bonington tells the fascinating story of the role he played in the first Private Expedition to Antarctica in 1983.  He was invited to join two American millionaires, Frank Wells and Dick Bass, who wanted to be the first to reach the highest points on all continents, giving birth to the climbing obsession with the Seven Summits. They had chartered a specially modified DC3, had an extra engine in its nose and ski landing gear. Joining then in Punta Arenas at the southern tip of South America, the plane refuelled at Rothera, a British Base in the Antarctic Peninsula, flying onto the base of Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica. It had only been climbed twice, first by an American Expedition and then by a German Expedition. This resulted in Sir Chris being the first Briton to climb it, but also reaching the summit on his own making, having to leave his American partners lower down. This was the third ascent of this now famous peak.

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