Enigmatic Wildlife - Finding Earth's most incredible creatures

Saturday, February 1, 2020 - 14:45 to 15:30
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Keith and Derek will discuss how to create encounters with some of Earth’s least known and most charismatic wildlife, and introduce the audience to a new selection of Enigmatic Wildlife Tours. From Bactrian Camels in the Gobi to Desert Rain Frog in Namaqualand, no place nor creature is beyond the scope of our ambition to create expeditions that revolutionize ‘wildlife watching’ for the mainstream. Immersion into a virtual BBC-documentary-like experience, we combine with research scientists, conservation authorities and outstanding naturalists to deliver unique experiences. They will also reveal how much of wildlife tourism is morphing from casual observation to an environment where imagery dominates, with increased interest in photography and videography amongst participants.

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Keith Barnes
Director of Tropical Birding
Derek Schuurman
Travel Specialist
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