Focus on my favourite Portuguese islands – Flores in the Azores and Fogo in Cape Verde.

Sunday, February 3, 2019 - 10:45 to 11:30


Travel is not a bucket list of places you visit in your lifetime; it’s about the people we meet during our travels, the quality of time you have in the places you visit and the friends we make in the end.

During the presentation, I want to focus on my favourite island in the Azores, Flores a lush volcanic island with flowers and my favourite island in Cape Verde, Fogo the island of fire  – they have more in common than just the first letter ‘F!’

I'll talk about the similarities and differences between the islands and show some of the most amazing drone footage made by a talented videographer who was commissioned by us and spent some time on both islands. The talk will also include interviews with some of our friends who live on Flores and Fogo and who share our love of these remote places of the world.

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Ian Coates
Managing Director
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