GREENLAND - the world's largest island is big on experiences.

Friday, January 18, 2019 - 13:00 to 13:45


Discover what makes Greenland one of 2019’s most unusual holiday destinations.  Greenland expert and travel guide Cathy Harlow highlights the nature, culture and majestic landscapes of the world’s largest island. Once only accessible to polar explorers, today’s visitors can enjoy Greenland holidays that are comfortable and adventurous, both land and ship-based. 


Greenland is not short on the wow factor: witness the immense pack ice; marvel at colossal icebergs; visit colourful towns and villages;  wander among Viking and Inuit ruins and see how today’s Greenlanders thrive at the edge of the habitable world. Paddle or cruise indigo fjords; stroll through wildflower valleys or hike deep into the wilds; go whale watching among drifting icebergs and stand awe-inspired, gazing at the aurora borealis.

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Cathy Harlow
Tour Guide and Travel Specialist, Discover the World
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