How Overlanding gets you places other tours can’t

Saturday, February 2, 2019 - 13:30 to 14:15


Charlie Hopkinson in his own, inimitable way explains why Dragoman’s mantra “It’s the journey not just the destination” is so important to overlanding. In his talk Charlie will give a great insight into the overlanding lifestyle explaining how Dragoman’s specialised iconic orange trucks can reach places other forms of transport just can’t reach. Whether heading into the wilds of Kyrgyzstan on the fabled Silk Route, visiting the remarkable Rainbow Mountains in western China,  crossing the remote Amazon basin in Brazil or the Sahara Desert in Sudan.


Find out how travelling with Dragoman you will be able to take time to enjoy the journey discovering the best of a region for more in-depth experience – spend a week exploring Inca trails around Cuzco, enjoy a 2 day canoe safari on the Zambezi or take a 5 day guided tour of the Odisha Tribal Region.

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Charlie Hopkinson
Dragoman Business Development & Sales Director
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