How to Survive; Lessons for Everyday Life from the Extreme World

Saturday, January 18, 2020 - 13:00 to 14:00
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John Hudson is the UK military's chief survival instructor, and has been a resident survival expert on two series of Discovery's primetime TV show Survive That, successfully putting his own resilience to the test on camera in front of millions. John is also the co-founder of Survival Wisdom, offering specialist survival courses to civilians (fromfighter pilots and paratroopers, to investment bankers and A-listers) on how to handle life-threatening situations.

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John Hudson, Chief Survival Instructor to the UK military, shows how strategies for life or death situations can help us excel in our everyday lives.

What could possibly connect crawling through a jungle and working through your ‘to do’ list? What can ejecting out of a stealth bomber teach you about the importance of thinking the worst? What can surviving in extreme situations teach us about surviving everyday life?

John Hudson is a man who knows what it takes to survive. Combining first-hand experience with twenty years of studying the choices people have made under the most extreme pressure, How to Survive is a lifetime’s worth of wisdom about how to apply the principles of survival to everyday life.

John explains how the cornerstone of surviving anything is understanding the relationship between effort, hope and goals – a mindset that can be transposed anytime and anywhere if you know how. This book gives you a template for survival that can be applied to any situation in your day-to-day life.

Through gripping first-hand accounts of near disaster and survival stories from across the extreme world you can develop the skills that allow you to make better decisions under pressure, which are as equally applicable to your interactions with colleagues or family, job interviews and public speaking, as to tackling Mount Everest.
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