Travel Etiquette

Sunday, February 3, 2019 - 11:00 to 12:00
- Stanfords Travel Writers Festival - Stanfords Travel Writers Festival


When travelling, what is appropriate behaviour when greeting people? Should you offer a handshake, a kiss on the cheek or two kisses? Different countries have their own set of rules regarding eating, dressing, cleanliness, hospitality and religion. What traditions should you absolutely partake in and which should you merely observe. Are there ways to find out these things before hand or should you just trust the kindness of strangers? Phoebe Smith, Fearghal O'Nuallain, and Andy Scott share their knowledge and experiences with Paul Blezard.


After the talk Phoebe, Fearghal and Andy Scott and Phoebe Smith will be signing copies of their books, including The Wilderness Cookbook, The Kindness of Strangers and One Kiss or Two at the ‘Signings at Stanfords’ stand.

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Andy Scott
Author and Conflict Adviser, UK Government
Fearghal O'Nuallain
Author & Explorer
Paul Blezard
Phoebe Smith
Travel Writer, Broadcaster & Presenter




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