North Korea - Visiting the World's Most Secretive Nation

Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 15:45 to 16:30


Always on the lookout for expanding into the more weird and wonderful parts of the world, Regent's founder Neil Taylor was approached by the North Koreans in the early 1980's to investigate the possibility of western tourists visiting the country and in 1986 the very first tour group from Regent went to the country.

Despite many ups and downs over the years; the collapse of the Soviet Union, the seeming sudden deaths of the two previous leaders, UN sanctions and the odd nuclear test thrown in for good measure - somehow dispute all odds, at Regent we've never looked back.

Carl Meadows, Regent's North Korea tells his tale of feeling completely hooked by the country since that first visit and explains how the country has changed over the past decade and how the tourism potential continues to increase as tours put together at Regent continue to evolve. Q&A will follow.

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Carl Meadows
North Korea Travel Specialist
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