A personal journey through China & Japan, where ancient traditions meet futuristic ambitions

Thursday, January 30, 2020 - 11:45 to 12:30
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Join the inspirational Wendy Wu, founder of the UK’s number one travel company to China and Japan, for a personal insight and journey through these two unique, diverse and outstanding countries. Wendy will be sharing her own compelling experiences in travel including the extraordinary truth as to how this award winning travel company came into being and what has kept it at the forefront of travel for the last twenty years.

Wendy will be lifting the lid on the incredible methods China and Japan are using as they evolve and reinvent themselves for the future and why, in 2025, both will have one of the most futurist travel agendas in the world. This is a captivating exploration of two of the most fascinating countries in the world from the lady who has made China and Japan accessible to everyone.

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Wendy Wu
Founder and Chairwoman of Wendy Wu Tours
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