A Modern Pilgrim's Journey

Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 14:00 to 15:00
- Stanfords Travel Writers Festival - Stanfords Travel Writers Festival


For centuries people have been making spiritual journeys in search of enlightenment or following some kind of sacred footsteps. Emma Slade, Justin Butcher and Guy Stagg have all recently written very different books following this theme. Here they discuss the historical significance and personal experiences behind these journeys, how they can be secular and offer advice for anyone planning on going on a pilgrimage or creating one of their own. The panel will be chaired by Paul Blezard, who has himself cycled to Santiago di Compostela.


After the talk, Emma, Justin and Guy will be signing copies of their books, including Set Free, Walking to Jerusalem and The Crossway at the ‘Signings at Stanfords’ stand.

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Emma Slade
Author, Buddhist Nun & Charity Founder
Justin Butcher
Actor, Writer & Director
Guy Stagg
Paul Blezard
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