Walking with migrants – a trek in Morocco with a difference

Saturday, February 2, 2019 - 13:45 to 14:30


This autumn, Morocco trekking expert Alan Palmer undertook a trek with a difference, accompanying an Aït ‘Atta family, plus their camels, sheep, goats, mules, ponies, dogs and chickens, for 10 days on their annual transhumance migration.


This trail led him from the family’s summer pastures in Morocco's Central High Atlas Mountains to the fringes of their homeland in Jebel Sahro, the Land of Drought, deep in the south of the country, in preparation for winter.


For the first eight days they trekked together along a route only ever used by transhumance families, without phone signal and without internet, and not seeing a single other permanent settlement.


In this talk he will explain to us the insight that he gained into this little understood, traditional lifestyle and the modern pressures it increasingly faces.

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Alan Palmer
Director – Yak Travel
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