Ainsley Harriott


Ainsley Harriott is nothing short of a cookery legend; a pioneer in quick and easy home cooking, best known for his classic BBC cookery programmes, including “Ready Steady Cook”, “Ainsley’s Barbecue Bible” and “Meals In Minutes”. His love of food and people, together with his natural curiosity and accessible recipes, make him the quintessential travelling gastronome and the perfect person to go back to his roots and explore the Caribbean.

In Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen, Ainsley discovers home-cooked food that is hearty, nutritious and full of flavour. Not only does he go back to his own Caribbean roots but he also explores islands he has never been to before and discovers how the cuisine of each island differs. The book includes all the recipes that are featured in the TV show and over 80 dishes inspired by the diverse culture and the rich food heritage of these much-loved islands.
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