Aleem Raheem

Aleem Raheem

Co-Founder – The Earth Trip

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The Earth Trip


Aleem Raheem is the co-founders of The Earth Trip along with his wife Izabela. The Earth Trip is one of the top leading specialist to Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Indian Ocean promoting responsible and sustainable tourism. The Earthy Trip is the nominee for the Best Holiday Company to the Indian Ocean 3 years running for the British Travel Awards. He is one of the niche specialist in the Indian Ocean region with years of experience. Aleem was born in a remote mountain top village near Kandy in the hill country in Sri Lanka. He spent his early childhood and teenage years in Sri Lanka during the civil war when the tourism was so small. He worked in some of the top hotels in West Coast and Colombo where the tourism was based. He migrated to London in the late 90’s to pursue Tourism and international Relation studies. Later graduating from Geography, environmental management and tourism studies, during his research trips he developed his travel company to offer unique experiences to immerse in the countries the travellers travel to. Aleem spent 2 to 3 months every year in Sri Lanka researching and updating the experiences in Sri Lanka as well as developing sustainable tourism with rural communities.
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