Frank Brehany

Consumer Commentator & Travel Expert


Frank began life as a Police Officer in Birmingham City Centre. He left the Police and trained to become a Lawyer. Frank worked as a Solicitor, on a wide range of personal injury and human rights issues for his clients

In 2003, he joined a National Consumers Organisation, helping Consumers and arguing politically for their Consumer Rights.

From 1997, Frank was active in the media, highlighting the issues in his client’s cases, but in 2011, Frank became the ‘voice to go to’ on all travel-related issues, appearing on National/Local Radio, Press and TV and demonstrated versatility in live and prec-rec broadcasts.

Since 2017, Frank has worked as an Independent Travel Consumer voice and maintains an active participation on the airwaves, with press and on TV. He continues to provide a broad insight into the world of Travel and other Consumer issues.
·         Frank is entirely self-funded
·         He has no connections to any law firm
·         Frank maintains his legal training and practice certificate
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