Johnny Fenn

Photographer & Explorer


Johnny’s photographic roots take a journey back to 1988 where he studied photography at A level and started work with a local newspaper. His fledgling career was interrupted by Officer Training at Sandhurst and the successful pursuit of a 25 year career in the Brigade of Gurkhas. Thus began a longstanding relationship with Nepal, which has seen him walk the entire east-west of this amazing country. 
Although the Army kept Johnny busy, with service all over West Africa, the Far East and of course, Nepal, his passion for photography persisted. He founded and ran a number of photographic clubs, sharing his knowledge and developing his own skills.
In 2011, having completed his two final years in the Army in Nepal, Johnny left to successfully pursue a career in photography. He works with a broad range of clients, from corporate giants Coca-Cola, Lidl and EFG to members of the Royal Family to humble NGOs like the Gurkha Welfare Trust.
For the past six years Johnny has also been guiding photographic tours in Nepal and regularly leads for the British Exploring Society. 
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