Justin Wateridge

Justin Wateridge

Managing Director at Steppes Travel

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Steppes Travel


Justin has been in travel for over 30 years, exploring over one hundred countries in the world. His travel highlights have been many but from a wildlife perspective would include spotting a snow leopard in Ladakh, tracking gorillas with the Ba’aka pygmies in Central Africa and seeing a Sei whale in the Galapagos. In terms of landscape it would be the tepuis of Venezuela, the remote island of Socotra off Yemen and the pristine beauty of the North-West Frontier Province in Pakistan. In terms of experiences, spending time with the nomadic Wodaabe in the Sahara and cycling up the Mekong River. Justin firmly believes that travel breaks down barriers and prejudice. “Travel gives us so much – experience, empathy, perspective, understanding and such vivid memories. Our world is wonderfully diverse and we should not shrink from it but experience it, relish it and use those experiences to redefine our own lives.”
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