Kash Bhattacharya


The 2016 National Geographic Traveller Blogger of the Year, Kash Bhattacharyaka BudgetTraveller has revolutionized travel for stylesavvy and budget-conscious travelers for the last nine years. Whether profiling a luxury hostel in Madrid or Tokyo or showing people where to find the best authentic streetfood in a city, he’s written about it all on his awardwinning blog BudgetTraveller.org.

The Grand Hostels revolutionizes travel for the stylish, design-led, budget-conscious traveler. Not just the journey but the place you choose to stay should be an adventure. The Grand Hostels tells stories of the luxury of memorable experiences: learning about local habits, finding discounted activities, drinks offers, free meals, and amazing staff. It documents this new trend and opens up a new world of travel and experiences for travelers who eschew the mundane, bland, and insipid world of chain hotels. 

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