Kylie Clark

Speaking at

Japan 2020


Kylie Clark started her love affair with Japan over twenty years ago, during a year spent studying at a high school in Akita in the rural north of Japan. This led her to study at a university in Tokyo and then work in the southern islands of Okinawa.

Her extensive knowledge of Japan stems from her time spent working at Japan National Tourism Organization, during which she escorted European media on press trips across Japan and worked on high-profile Japanese-themed film releases, such as 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and 'Lost in Translation'. Following this Kylie was a founding director of Japan House in Kensington. 

Kylie is passionate about promoting Japan's regional diversity and is now working with Wondertrunk to offer experiences that deepen visitors understanding of the culture, geography and people of Japan. Wondertrunk offers unique and authentic experiences in regional Japan such as hiking with yamabushi mountain monks in the northern prefecture of Yamagata, cycling on the Goto islands off the coast of Nagasaki, tours of the Koshu wineries in the foothills of Mt Fuji and tailor-made tours to visit craftspeople and artisans in workshops and studios across Japan. 
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