Mark Brightwell

Photographer and Explorer


Mark is an accomplished and award-winning photographer as well as a prolific and extremely capable mountain guide.  Mark’s adventurous life took early hold when he joined the British Army as an officer with the Gurkhas.  Unfortunately, this was cut short when he was injured in a bomb blast in Iraq.  Typically for Mark, he has drawn on this experience to help shape his life. His thirst for adventure, combined with a deep desire to help others, and to protect and preserve the environment, really embody what he is all about.

Since leaving the Army, not only has Mark been leading expedition groups in the European Alps, Africa and the Himalayas, honing his skills for development of others, but he has also been working professionally as a photographer throughout this period.  His main focus has been outdoor adventure photography.
Along with Johnny, Mark has been a Media Leader with the British Exploring Society.
In February 2019, Mark was nominated for the Henry Worsley Award presented by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - an award for “the individual who has best inspired others through the demonstration of determination in the face of adversity”.
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