Sarah Jackson

Destination Manager – Europe & Morocco

Speaking at

What's Hot in 2020


Scott Dunn Travel Consultants, Naomi, Laura and Sarah, have 20 years of combined experience in the luxury travel industry. Sarah is a Europe Expert who has spent a lot of time there in search of new, exciting experiences and incredible hotels to add to our portfolio. She particularly recommends getting involved in the Finnish sauna rituals in Finnish Lapland. Laura has always been passionate about travel, she has spent time travelling around Indochina, South America and has lived in the USA, but her heart lies with Africa. From soaring over the Skeleton Coast in a small Cessna, to coming face to face with a pack of hunting painted dogs in the Okavango Delta, Laura has some fascinating African tales to tell. Naomi has worked in the luxury travel industry for the past seven years specialising in Australasia and more recently Asia. A big fan of the outdoors and getting off-the-beaten-track, Naomi’s a firm believer that a trip to the Antipodes should be on everyone’s bucket list.  
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