Pierre Thomas

Noble Caledonia Tour Leader


Pierre was born in Ghent, Belgium and at the age of seven moved to Zaïre. After 10 years in Africa he continued his higher studies in Ghent specialising in tropical animal husbandry and fish farming which was combined with several apprenticeships in Rwanda & Ecuador. In 1994 Pierre followed the training course of the Galapagos National park service for guides level III where he worked as a naturalist guide, dive guide and Expedition Leader for 10 years. Pierre was part of the team during the first expedition cruise to Nicaragua in 1996 and ever since has been working with Noble Caledonia. Pierre leads Noble Caledonia’s Uganda tours searching for chimpanzees and gorillas and regularly works aboard their cruises to worldwide destinations including a recent journey from Australia to Easter Island and New Zealand. Pierre is fluent in French, Dutch, Spanish, English and German and speaks some Italian.
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