Ash Bhardwaj

Journalist and Film Maker


Ash is a travel-writer, film-maker and podcaster. He has written for newspapers including The Daily Telegraph, The Times, Evening Standard and City AM, Sunday Times Travel Magazine, BA Highlife, Etihad. His podcast Edgelands, about his journey along Russia’s European border, reached Number 1 in Apples’ iTunes podcast chart for Travel & Places.
Ash has produced programmes for Channel 4, the BBC, Animal Planet and Terra Mater, and filmed Levison Wood on his Walking The Nile expedition in Uganda and Sudan, walking 1100km with Lev. He did the same for Walking The Himalayas in India, the Honduras leg of Walking the Americas, and Oman, Israel and Palestine for An Arabian Journey.

Science and space were his first love, and before travel writing, he taught secondary school Chemistry and Physics. His adventures started as a cowboy in Australia, a rugby player in New Zealand and ski instructor in Switzerland.
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