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Join Us For Destinations Presents Travel 2021

Sadly, Destinations will not be taking place in London and Manchester in 2021. However, we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting two online events in January and May to support the travel industry. 

The Online Editions
Destinations presents Travel 2021: 30 January 2021
Destinations presents Travel 2021: 7-9 May 2021





Destinations is known for its dedicated following of 80,000 travellers who know what they want. Our research over the last few months has shown that despite the COVID 19 pandemic, 85% of Destinations visitors  intend to travel in 2021. Our research has enabled us to create a ‘360 Strategy’ which caters to their needs: these include being able to travel with confidence in 2021 and to find travel inspiration for the year ahead.

Destinations presents Travel 2021: 30 January 2021
January will see the launch of Destinations TV, offering a host of practical content focusing on post-Covid travel, plus inspirational content from our partners, The Times & The Sunday Times, Stanfords and Wanderlust.  Destinations TV will bring the popular, experiential elements of the live show, much loved by Destinations visitors, straight to the comfort of their own homes. 

Destinations presents Travel 2021: 7-9 May 2021
Our research shows that May has come out on top as the new peak booking time of year for Destinations’ travellers, with more than 85% looking to travel long or short haul this year. We believe May is the perfect time to launch the commercial platform, connecting the buyers with tour operators and tourist boards, and generate an ROI for you.

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