Rohan Gear Store

Rohan is your passport to adventure and discovery anywhere in the world. Whether your next holiday involves trekking through the Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica, spotting wildlife on safari in Kenya, or wandering the snowy streets of New York at Christmas, Rohan will keep you dry, cool, warm and comfortable. At Rohan we offer travel clothing to enhance every journey, with gear that is lighter, comfortable, packable and easy to care for. It will keep the wearer safe in the rain, wind, heat or snow. It is at home in cities of glass and steel or mountains of rock and ice. All our clothing from our business suit, walking trousers, waterproof jackets, base layers, shirts and socks, is imbued with the same passion to excel.




Explore a huge selection of Rohan products at the Rohan Gear Store on Stand number: London: AA101 | Manchester: E44