Destinations London Schedules

Here you will find the full schedule for all sessions and presentations at Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show London including: Stanfords Travel Writers Festival, Meet The Experts Theatres 1 and 2, Experience The World & Taste The World.

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What are the various stages?

Stanfords Travel Writers Festival

Brought to you by Stanfords, hear inspiring talks from explorers, adventurers, historians, novelists, TV personalities and many more of the very best travel authors.

Meet The Experts Theatres 1 & 2

Expert talks covering the different corners of the globe. Speakers will give you unique insight into their experiences and take you on fascinating and memorable journeys to inspire your next adventure.

Experience The World Stage

Dive in and experience world cultures, and entertainment. Enjoy the spectacle of cultural performances and get involved with interactive displays. Here you will discover the essence of new cultures and a whole host of new destinations.

Taste The World Stage

Get a taste for unusual international delicacies with hundreds of free world food and drink samples and discover the essence of new cultures and a whole host of new destinations.

Destinations London 2019 Schedules

Meet The Experts London - Theatre 1

Thu 31 Jan 10:45 to 11:30

Presentation title

Why Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan, the colourful and fertile land that has provided a dramatic stage for characters as diverse as Tamerlane, Marco Polo, Ghervais Khan and Alexander the Great, and through which the fabled Great Silk road which once linked the Meditteranean with the Pacific Ocean is the perfect setting for a never-to-be-forgotten holiday. From the modern streets of Tashkent to the majestic mosques, minarets and madressahs of cities such as Bukhara & Samarkand and from its snow-capped mountains to the breathtaking beauty of its lakes this fascinating country has something for everyone. 

Thu 31 Jan 11:45 to 12:30

Presentation title

Wax & Gold: Discovering Ethiopia

.A regular visitor for three years to Ethiopia, this talk depicts an epic first journey of three months in which I traversed the entire country alone to explore both it’s known and completely uncharted mountain ranges, discover its ancient cultural heritage, and experience the religious festivals and legendary hospitality of this most unique of countries. ‘The Tibet of Africa’ – Ethiopia is an ancient mountainous land and one of the first countries in the world to adopt the Christian faith. Hear about my journey to the 13th Century rock-hewn churches of Lalibela; traversing the highest mountain plateau in all of Africa in the Bale Mountains in the cool green south of the country where horses and the rare Ethiopian Wolf abound.

Thu 31 Jan 12:45 to 13:30

Presentation title

How to prepare and what to pack for your first Iceland visit?

Let the All Iceland Team help you get ready for Iceland! When you travel in Iceland the weather can be very unpredictable and a question we always get is "What should we pack, what should we wear and how do we make the most of our time in Iceland?" Let us give you some real insider hints and tips, as all our Iceland Travel Specialists are Icelandic. Knowing just a few basic principles will mean you are able to stay warm and happy throughout your trip, come rain, shine or snow storm. Come and meet the Team and you can also ask all the questions you want!

Thu 31 Jan 13:45 to 14:30

Presentation title

Rural India & Green Footprints

A rare insight to rural India and how to make your trip a special experience, by combining rural villages, home stays as well as old heritage hotels.

A Journey by toy train to the foothills of the Himalayas to Shimla and beyond. Discovering sustainable ways and skills hidden away in the villages, sadly now fast disappearing.

Exploring plastic free travel and making an appeal to avoid plastic. Extreme measures to have a guilt free trip, even at home. Gain cultural experiences to beat the threat of air pollution. Consider the responsibilities to carry with you on your holiday. How to add on a sustainable task with your tour to contribute towards the clean air mission? Get involved to improve our air and to leave green footprints behind. Easy ways to get your visa at home for India and to have a memorable trip.

Thu 31 Jan 14:45 to 15:30

Presentation title

Patagonia - Off the Beaten Track

Edward and Emily will recount their latest experiences in remote Patagonia, from Torres del Paine in the south to Villarica volcano in the Chilean lake district. They will contrast the many travel options, including the various border crossings with Argentina, where to stay, and how long to allow for journeys to this beautiful and still little-visited corner of Latin America.

Thu 31 Jan 15:45 to 16:30

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Carl Meadows
North Korea Travel Specialist

Presentation title

North Korea - Visiting the World's Most Secretive Nation

Always on the lookout for expanding into the more weird and wonderful parts of the world, Regent's founder Neil Taylor was approached by the North Koreans in the early 1980's to investigate the possibility of western tourists visiting the country and in 1986 the very first tour group from Regent went to the country.

Despite many ups and downs over the years; the collapse of the Soviet Union, the seeming sudden deaths of the two previous leaders, UN sanctions and the odd nuclear test thrown in for good measure - somehow dispute all odds, at Regent we've never looked back.

Carl Meadows, Regent's North Korea tells his tale of feeling completely hooked by the country since that first visit and explains how the country has changed over the past decade and how the tourism potential continues to increase as tours put together at Regent continue to evolve. Q&A will follow.