Destinations London Schedules

Here you will find the full schedule for all sessions and presentations at Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show London including: Stanfords Travel Writers Festival, Meet The Experts Theatres 1 and 2, Experience The World & Taste The World.

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What are the various stages?

Stanfords Travel Writers Festival

Brought to you by Stanfords, hear inspiring talks from explorers, adventurers, historians, novelists, TV personalities and many more of the very best travel authors.

Meet The Experts Theatres 1 & 2

Expert talks covering the different corners of the globe. Speakers will give you unique insight into their experiences and take you on fascinating and memorable journeys to inspire your next adventure.

Experience The World Stage

Dive in and experience world cultures, and entertainment. Enjoy the spectacle of cultural performances and get involved with interactive displays. Here you will discover the essence of new cultures and a whole host of new destinations.

Taste The World Stage

Get a taste for unusual international delicacies with hundreds of free world food and drink samples and discover the essence of new cultures and a whole host of new destinations.

Destinations London 2019 Schedules

Meet The Experts London - Theatre 1

Fri 01 Feb 10:45 to 11:30

Presentation title

Eswatini- Africas Newest Country

During 2018’s spectacular 50/50 celebrations, the world was shocked by the country’s name change from Swaziland to Eswatini! Yet Africa’s newest nation is also the best for traditional cultural experiences. Eswatini embodies the essence of Africa in a small yet diverse destination. Eswatini is a tiny country with a big heart and warm, friendly people. As the only absolute monarchy in Africa it embraces and upholds its own unique and ancient traditions which are careful guarded and faithfully celebrated. Stunning and varied landscapes are to be seen and explored - mountains and valleys, forests and plains – many with exciting activities on offer. And Eswatini’s parks and reserves offer thrilling safaris to see the Big Five (including some of the best rhino experiences in Africa), a number of endangered species and truly outstanding birdlife. All of this in a country that can be driven across in a matter of a few hours!

Fri 01 Feb 11:45 to 12:30

Event stream:


Daniel Adams

Presentation title


The realisation that travel is about observing a culture and way of life, not trying to change it and what we take from that into our own lives to enrich our mind, body & spirit.


How it has changed my view of the environment we live in and the changes I have witnessed in others and follow up stories of personal experiences.


Travel creating passions and indulgences one never knew one had or had suppressed due to lifestyle and time limitations and how after travel inspiration it was later indulged upon and how we constantly see the niche within our niche to encourage this.



Fri 01 Feb 12:45 to 13:30

Presentation title

Travel Trends for 2019

Fri 01 Feb 13:45 to 14:30

Event stream:


Andy Tucker
General Manager

Presentation title

Galapagos: The Enchanted Isles

Ancient seafarers called them the Enchanted Isles, recognising their unique landscape and extraordinary fauna, but it was Charles Darwin who drew The Galapagos Islands to the world’s attention. By observing the fascinating adaptations made in the birds and reptiles on these predator-free islands, Darwin formulated his theory of evolution. Their natural history is outstanding; 28 bird species occur nowhere else in the world. There are giant tortoises, prehistoric-looking Land and Marine Iguanas, colourful crabs and even a Galápagos Snake. Most appealing of all is the tame and obliging nature of this extraordinary wildlife; it is a photographer’s paradise — a telephoto lens is usually unnecessary. 

Fri 01 Feb 14:45 to 15:30

Presentation title

Travel writing for beginners


An introduction to travel writing for anyone who wants to turn their travels into stories, whether for pleasure or for publication.  The author of The Travel Writer’s Way, the ultimate handbook for aspiring travel writers, shares 20 years’ experience as a travel magazine editor, travel writer and expert writing tutor.  Lorie offers a complete overview of the creative and commercial aspects of becoming a travel writer,  including writing blogs, articles and books.  Suitable for all levels, from beginners to semi-professional.


Fri 01 Feb 15:45 to 16:30

Event stream:


Aled Evans
Head of Business Development Undiscovered Destinations

Presentation title

Somaliland - The country that isn't.

Somaliland is the country that isn’t’. An unrecognised, self-declared state, internationally considered to be an autonomous region of Somalia, Somaliland has all the trappings of a ‘real’ country. With its own currency, consulates, security forces and flag, Aled says that it is difficult not to call Somaliland a country in its own right.